Two Residents Perspective

The Real Coronado


We ride our bikes everywhere and know just about everyone we see around town. We can’t think of a better place to raise our children and are so grateful to call this enchanted island “home.

Living and working here we know Coronado, contact us and we’ll give you a personal tour.

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Community during Covid

The secret has been out for a while. People know that one of the best places to live in Coronado is on an alley. There is a strong sense of community and wide-open space for kids who may not have yards to play in.

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Crown City Magazine – October 2021

For outsiders, Coronado means the iconic Coronado Hotel Del, Glorietta Blvd, and the sixth-best beach in the country. For locals, Coronado is a quintessential community, made up of long-time and new-to-the-island residents who live, work, and play in this paradise they call home.

One of the things that set Coronado apart from some cities is how residents own many local businesses. That helps with the strong sense of community that binds this island of 24,000 inhabitants together. Walking around town, one senses the affinity residents have for Coronado. If you ask a resident why they love it so much, they will inevitably mention a strong sense of community as one of the best things about living in Crown City.
As in any town, there are places that the locals know about that make a place extra-special. In Coronado, one of those unique things is lovingly referred to as “alley life”. To find out what makes Coronado’s alleys so unique, I’m going on a tour with residents and real estate partners Frances and Charlotte.

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Top 5 things to do with kids

Sail at Coronado Yacht Club
Surf at Shores beach
Baseball and Softball at Tidelands Park
Storytime at Coronado Public Library
Classes and Camps at the Rec Center